A to Z of Caribbean Art

A to Z of Caribbean Art is a visual overview of Caribbean art, from the beginning of the 20th century to the present, and acts as a resource of information on some of the greatest artists of our region. With artists listed alphabetically, instead of being grouped by traditional methods, this book will move seamlessly through artists and sequentially mix genres including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, installation and performance.

A to Z of Caribbean Art will take the format of a short introduction by the editors, followed by the works. Each artist will be represented by a page that shows a definitive work. In addition to this image, there will be biographical details on each artist, a short write-up about their oeuvre, and specs of the work that represents them. The artists selected will come from the English-, Dutch-, French- and Spanish-speaking Caribbean, and will be chosen based on a number of factors, including critical discourse around their work, inclusion in a significant publication, work written about in regional or international trade magazine, and participation in a curated exhibition at a major institution, or at a regional or international biennial.

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Paperback: 304 pages
Published by: Robert & Christopher Publishers, April 2019
ISBN: 978-976-95344-9-0
Language: English
Dimensions: 7.5 x 10 in.
Weight: TBD

Edited by: Melanie Archer and Mariel Brown
Writers: Melanie Archer, Monique Barnett-Davidson, Pat Ganase, Therese Hadchity, Katherine Kennedy, Indra Khanna, Geoffrey MacLean, Keisha Oliver, Adam Patterson, Marsha Pearce, Rob Perrée, Veerle Poupeye, Letitia Pratt, Judy Raymond, Nicole Smythe-Johnson, Natalie Urquhart.
Designed by: Richard Mark Rawlins
Holly Bynoe (The Bahamas), Annalee Davis (Barbados), Suzanne Fredericks (Jamaica), Pat Ganase (Trinidad and Tobago), Indra Khanna (Guyana), Geoffrey Maclean (Trinidad and Tobago), Tirzo Martha (Dutch Caribbean), Annie Paul (Jamaica), Marsha Pearce (Trinidad and Tobago), Veerle Poupeye (Jamaica), Judy Raymond (Trinidad and Tobago), Nicole Smythe-Johnson (Jamaica), Natalie Urquhart (Cayman Islands)