Marsha Pearce writes on Pictures from Paradise

Issue Seventeen of the e Mag, Draconian Switch, features a short narrative piece by Marsha Pearce on Robert and Christopher’s most recent publication, Pictures from Paradise.  Pearce writes, “… the photographs [in the book] all serve in a way, which allows the prefix “re-” to function as a kind of protagonist of each story. The photographic works reinvent, reinterpret, recontextualise, record, re-envision, reimagine, recreate, recombine, remind, relate, rearrange, re-evaluate, reconsider, rebirth and reveal a complex Caribbean. It is noteworthy that these “re” words not only become evident through a close reading of the book’s photographic presentation but they are actual words that appear again and again in the various artist/photographer statements published in the last section of the book.” Read more at