Barbara Jardine: Goldsmith


Barbara Jardine: Goldsmith

ISBN: 978-976-8194-79-0

Editor: Mariel Brown

Written by: Judy Raymond

Photography by: Michele Jorsling

Price: TT$300/ US$50



Released in 2006, Barbara Jardine: Goldsmith is a precis of the life and work of a remarkable jeweller, as written by Judy Raymond and viewed in the beautiful photography of Michele Jorsling.

“From ores and pebbles dug from the earth and bits of bone and horn from various creatures, the jeweller makes precious objects of adornment and devotion.  In this elegant volume, Judy Raymond also explains how Barbara Jardine transforms her raw experiences and emotions – love, loss, fear, desire – into her intricately beautiful jewels.  Raymond shows that each work is really a miniature sculpture that, upon contemplation, whispers a narrative.  Here are all those stories, from teasing accounts of love affairs past to thrilling fragments of our shared never ending epic called life.”

Nicholas Laughlin, Editor, The Caribbean Review of Books

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